Dressing for Fashion Week – Wishful Thinking

Today is the first day of New York Fashion Week, and no I am not going.  However that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend shop for a pretend trip to see next Fall’s fashion line up.  The positive side of not going, no packing and no blisters from running around “between the tents” <—- that, my friends, is silver lining.

Anyway, I have traveled for fashion related work to New York before, and so I thought about what made those previous packings successful when making this wishful suitcase.  New York, for as fashionable as it is, is also a really functional city.  It cannot be neglected that you are on your feet and in and out doors all day long.
Day 1: 
Day 2:
Day 3: 
Day 4: 
The only thing you can’t forget is cab fare, some granola bars (no, you really will never get a chance to eat), camera and iPhone.  
I’ll be posting my favorites from the runways.  See what I loved last Fall and Spring, too! 

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