A Night with Oscar

I will leave the review of the show, the hosts, the banter and the winners to someone else, today we are here to discuss the dresses.

Images via InStyle.com

At one point Anne joked that the great thing about this job (hosting – which, let’s be honest no one really loves the host) is the dresses she gets to wear and the ability to share the stage with Sandra Bullock and Oprah.  Of all of the great dresses (and tuxedo) she wore, and they were great, my favorite was the burgundy Versace  gown at the midway point.

Not that I know Anne, but this seemed to be the most natural fit; highlighted her coloring, fit beautifully, and I am sure much to her mother’s delight, no fidgetting.
Atelier Versace
Best black: Camilla Alves in Kaufman Franco.  She looks beautiful, sultry, not overly done.  I love this style of a dress, it reminds me of Salma Hayek on her wedding day.
Kaufman Franco
Best avante garde: Cate Blanchett.  I truly don’t think anyone else could have worn this gown with such ease and grace.  Her hair, jewelry, and gown are stunning.  I love the hints of yellow on this light and airy lilac Givenchy gown.
Best use of structure: Celine Dion.  Celine is perfectly tailored and fitted in this structured and sophisticated gown.  During the Red Carpet telecasts the flashbulbs were highlighting the shine of the fabric.  She looked magnificent.
Giorgio Armani Prive
Best dress for your dream Bat Mitzvah: Hailee Steinfeld.  This was so sweet, so age appropriate, so Bat Mitzvah ready.
Worst use of poof: Halle Berry.  Halle Berry looked stunning, and I loved this dress until it looked like she was swirled through some tulle and tumbled out of Mood Fabrics onto the Red Carpet. 
Best use of sparkle: Mandy Moore.  Mandy looks wedding ready, and red carpet ready.  I love this dress.  It is sweet, demure, and beautiful of her.  She looks like a doll.
Monique Lhuillier
Best use of white: Michelle Williams.  With her platinum pixie cute and darker brows, the retro style Chanel gown was the perfect choice.  I thought this was just lovely.
Worse use of white: Nicole Kidman.  Pass.  I don’t like the hip bands, the embroidery, the orange shoes.  Pass.
Best use of a Red Carpet Moment, aka my favorite: Gwyneth Paltrow.  This gown by Calvin Klein was so modern and chic in the execution and was highlighted beautifully with the Louis Vuitton vintage-y earrings, brooch and rings.  Her pin straight hair and the liquid gold of her gown were a vision.
Calvin Klein

2 responses to “A Night with Oscar

  1. >I liked Cate's dress too! The people I was with kept making fun of it. they don't know diddly.

  2. >Haha – your comment made me laugh Jess! Thanks for reading, and I am glad we're both pro-Cate!

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