Dress for Success (for Less)

You probably know by now that I looove spring/summer.  I love warm weather, flip flops, big hair and sunglasses (yes Summer means big hair for me).  But, then I stumble a little bit.  You see, I am not really, truly a dress girl…

I love looking at dresses; gowns, cocktail dresses and sweet sundresses, but, I don’t really own too many.  I am a jeans girl.  In DC, and frankly in most places during the heat of summer, skinny jeans can be well stifling.  

So, here were the rules: fun dresses that could be worn to brunch, a game, dinner, or just out and about, nothing black and nothing over $100.  

Fashion tip: when exploring a fashion category or color you’re less than confident about, start slow and inexpensive.

See Row 1 for work; row 2 for social hour; row 3 for running around.
Okay Spring, I’m ready – where are you?

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