A Fashionable Reality

So, last night brought us the conclusion of Bachelor Brad’s search for his forever.  Whether or not he found forever is yet to be seen.  What we did get to see over the last few weeks was the unique and very different styles of the contestants on the Bachelor.

As I mentioned to Julie last night, these girls are marketing themselves from day 1; they all have an angle, a story, a voice, a look and the wardrobes they assemble for the show are meant to highlight all of that.  
Here are the sartorial standouts from a season of “real girls” looking for reality love.
From L – R: Michelle Money’s favorite brand, Wildfox; Every contestants favorite accesory the drapey scarf; Shawtel’s ridiculously short Las Vegas shorts; Chunky turquoise jewels as seen on Michelle and Emily; Replicas of the Christian Louboutin pumps that Emily wore with a Forever21 dress; Michelle’s favorite accessory (besides a black eye, and sass) a purple zip up; Silk shirt dress a la Emily’s last day date in South Africa; The infamous Red Bikini, as styled for the Sports Illustrated shoot.

For an episode by episode run down of what the contestants wore and where to find similar items (the show was filmed months ago, many things are sold out) you have to visit The Possessionista, she has been a Bachelor fashion fiend.

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