It Won’t be Cold Forever, Spring Will Come

Say what you will about the traffic, the economy, the politics; Florida is a special kind of place, it is sunny, fresh, embraces rhinestones and diamonds for daytime, has a lot of love, and takes pride in its sunshiney-ness with streets named after flowers, fruits and tropical birds like Flamingo Road and Orange Drive.  

Hollywood Beach
As I mentioned I spent the weekend at home visiting my parents.  I flew in Friday evening and had dinner with my parents at home.  Saturday morning I went for a training run for my upcoming race (it’s 3 days away!), and then I spent lunch with my dad’s parents for lunch and a baking lesson, recipe coming soon.  
Lunch at Nanny and Poppy’s
On Sunday I went to my mom’s favorite place, the beach.
Hollywood Beach
Hollywood Beach
I haven’t been in 80+ degree weather in quite some time, and I haven’t been to the beach since Thanksgiving.  It was a good reminder of what is to come.  So, my friends in cold locations, please know it won’t be cold forever, the rain will stop, you’ll be able to put your coats, scarves, and wellies away.

The sun will come out soon, and it will be beautiful.

And when it does, please don’t forget your sunscreen.

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