What a Doll

Were you like me when you were younger?  Playing with Barbie dolls, creating fantasy worlds for them, styling their hair, envying their wardrobe?

Tap into the psyche of your inner 11-year-old, sidestep that landmind around training bras and getting braces, and this might be your best online shopping day ever!

Gilt LBD Collector Barbie Dolls via Gilt Groupe

Jaci, who you know and love, alerted me to a fabulous collaboration.  Gilt Groupe, for a limited time left, is offering Barbie dolls dressed in dresses designed by top CFDA designers, and matching LBD’s in human sizes.

If you want to stay in your 11-year-old mind set, don’t forget to play the “Now and Then” game, later known as the “Sex and the City” game, where you have to identify which girl you’re most like, aka, no one wants to be Chrissy (or Miranda the early years).

This would be my Barbie Doll:

Mattel No. 11 via Gilt Groupe

Editor’s Note: Mark wrote in with a different choice…

Mattel No. 5 via Gilt Groupe

Don’t delay!  Barbie won’t be hanging around forever, she’s got a manicure appointment, fillings to give, a nation to run, a runway to walk and a gold medal to win, all before a date with Ken!

2 responses to “What a Doll

  1. That’s not you Carly. You are third from the left.


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