Something Blue for Home

Last weekend Mark and I wandered up and down 14th street, a street in DC with a great collection of high end, low end, salvaged and custom made furniture.

In and out of the stores we went and my eye continued to focus on one thing, blue. Blue sofas, blue rugs, blue velvet chairs.

In fashion and in home design I consider blue a neutral, just like black, brown, beige and gray. And this shade of blue was especially beautiful, it didn’t seem shy, muted or reserved, this was not your baby’s blue.

Blue door, Walnut Street Development

Blue can be fresh, bright and welcoming.


Navy Walls,

Blue when it veers towards navy is stately and strong.


Blue Cocoon,

Blue in it’s darkest midnight shade has an air of sophistication and elegance.

Patriotic Blue,

Blue can be bold, traditional and patriotic.


Blue Chairs,

Blue can be feminine, playful or whimsical.


Do you decorate with blue? Would you go so bold as a blue door, or wall or floor? Or, is your style more understated and you’d test this color with furniture or decor?

2 responses to “Something Blue for Home

  1. I lobe blue as a neutral and want to buy a navy couch to really anchor my apple green living room. I also have a navy blue bedroom, walls and ceiling. So chic and very romantic.

    • Room and Board had some really pretty blue, and not boring, but very vibrant, bright and sophisticated sofas and chairs. I would love a blue room; very White House 🙂

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