Wedding Advice: It’s Time to Eat

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So, you’re supposed to “Eat, Drink and be Married” but the question of what to eat can often pose a major problem.  Here’s some advice!

Vegetarian Wedding Food Ideas

 Question 1: My fiancee and I are vegetarians, should we serve meat at our reception? – Mr. and Mrs. Loves Lettuce

Answer: Without knowing if you are a vegetarian for health reasons, or moral reasons, I fall back on the principle that guided all of my wedding planning: the reception you host should be a reflection of who you are, individually, but most importantly as a couple. 

If you maintained a gluten-free diet (for health) would you serve breaded chicken with a side of pasta and bread pudding for dessert?  If you kept Kosher (for moral/religious reasons) would you serve shrimp cocktail followed by pork chops in a cheese sauce?  The answers to both of these questions are likely “no”.

If you and your fiancee live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, then the day and night of your wedding should be no different.  The people you invite to celebrate with you are presumably the most important people in your lives and they would not want you to compromise your health or morals in favor of beef, which as it turns it not always “what’s for dinner”.

Work with your catering director to develop a menu that is reflective of your dietary needs, and suits the needs of your families.  Push the limits beyond the standard vegetable plate., aka steamed vegetables and brown rice.   Look for ways to appease all tastes without offending anyone’s sensibilities.  A good place to sneak in some “traditional protein” might be the cocktail hour, if you feel so obliged.  And, remember tempeh, tofu, portobello mushrooms, and hearty root vegetables have all been known to make a carnivore smile.

Marc Mezvinsky, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and former President Bill Clinton

Or, follow the lead of one famous 2010 bride, Chelsea Clinton who served a vegan menu and a gluten-free cake, and but threw a bone to meat eaters, by serving up some organic grass-fed beef.

Do you agree or disagree with this advice?  Let me know.  And, if there a wedding related issue you want advice on or just some tips – leave a note in the comments.

Photo Source: Top, L – R: Design Sponge, Pinterest, Showfood, Pinterest. Bridal Bar, Once Upon a Plate, Martha Stewart, Bridal Bar, Martha Stewart


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