Saturday Wardrobe: Football Weekend

This weekend my favorite college football team, The Miami Hurricanes, come north to Blackburg, Virginia to play Virginia Tech.  I am not going to the game, but if I was, this is what I would want to wear.

Saturday Wardrobe: Fall Football

Shop: Football, Belt, Boots, Jacket, Sweater, Cords, Bracelet, Scarf, Backpack

I love this look for a number of reasons, the colors, the fall textures and most of all, the functionality.  When you’re at a football game, or outside and standing up and down for 3-4 hours you need to be as comfortable as you are cute.

This outfit is easy to wear, and the girl in this look is ready for the pregame, cool in the huddle, and fabulous at the after party.

Go ‘Canes!

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