Saturday Wardrobe: Charity Event Weekend

This weekend we are going to the Butterfly Bash, a celebration and fundraiser of Fair Chance, an organization that supports entrepreneurial non-profits that benefit DC Youth. We have gone for the last two years – it’s a great reason to dress up, mix and mingle, and support a worthwhile cause.

The Butterfly Bash is one of many “events” in DC; in fact October is affectionately known as tuxedo month because of the sheer volume of events.  Luckily, tonight is more festive than formal so I’ll be dressing to match the cocktail attire description.

This is what I am wearing.

Saturday Wardrobe: Charity Event

Shop:Wine, Pumps, Halter, Skirt, Bracelet, Clutch, Gloss

For a cocktail party in DC – this outfit works.  It’s easy to wear, it’s conservative enough for DC and young enough for me.

For more information about the Butterfly Bash or Fair Chance.

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