Weekend Wardrobe: Tacky Holiday Party

The “Tacky Holiday Party” is a vestige of my college years.  The first one was with a few friends, in a very small dorm room with what I am sure at the time was very exciting libations, and copy paper snowflakes.  Seven years later, the location and drinks have changed, the few friends have brought new friends, and the original snowflakes remain.  The other constant is the dress code: joyous.

Over the years friends have come in childhood P.J.’s complete with feet, the most sparkly of sweaters, snowman printed ties, oversized santa hats, and dresses direct from your favorite 1990’s formal.

The rule is simple: embrace the holiday season in all of it’s over-the-top, gaudy, sparkle and shine.

Weekend Wear: Tacky Holiday Party

Shop: Mistletoe, Drink, Gloss, Dress, Belt, Earring, Nails, Clutch, Boots

Is this look completely over the top?  Yes, just as much as reindeer, a jolly fat man squeezing down your chimney, and Mariah’s version of “All I want for Christmas” — but then, again, that’s what makes it so much fun!

Do you have any fun or funny holiday traditions?

One response to “Weekend Wardrobe: Tacky Holiday Party

  1. tell me this is what you’ll be wearing next Saturday night?

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