Resort 2011: Meet Me in Miami

It is resort season!  With the holidays here and the vacation days fully accrued it is time to travel.  I have made up a list of some desirable winter locations, and done the packing for you (in all price points!).  If you’ll just let me know my room number and where I can get my tickets, we’re all set.

This mini-fashion season, also called cruise, is often bright, full of patterns and looks like the most sophisticated and fabulous clothing you’d ever pack for vacation – this is not your shorts and t-shirt trip…

First up, Meet Me in Miami!  What says escape from it all, and party like it’s 2012, like Miami in the winter?  And what is more fun, and colorful, than this packing primer?

Meet Me in Miami

Shop: Cover Up, Bikini, Dress, Shades, Pump, Wedge, Gloss, Shorts, Sparkle

If you’re going to Miami there are a few things to keep in mind: The jewelry and lips, equally shiny, the shorts and swimsuits, equally tiny.  The heels reach a new height, the colors are all shades of bright.

Happy Packing!

One response to “Resort 2011: Meet Me in Miami

  1. Hi Thedailybatch,
    Thanks you for your post, OK So me and my partner are off to Miami Beach for a weeklong vacation, we’re 21/23 so our main activities involve eating, drinking and relaxing, but I’ve never been to Miami Beach before so would appreciate ideas on stuff to do at night time. Ideally, we want to walk there. Not sure what the taxi service is like. We’re staying at the Deauville Beach Resort, which is where 67th street meets Collins Ave (I think)

    Ideas please?
    Keep up the posts!

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