The Last Party of the Year!

It has been a few days since my last post, and I am happy to report that the gift wrapping hand cramps, eggnog hangover, and sugar high have worn away.

Now, it is time to get down to business, there is one party left this year – and I conferred with some ladies who know best to get their tips for ending the holiday and party season with style (and ease!).

Sean “Diddy” Combs, Pharrell Williams, Oprah Winfrey via Awesome People Hanging Out Together

From Dana, of The Art of Accessories, on Looking Your Holiday Best:  I am mildly beauty obsessed. Okay I’m obsessed. I own tons of eye shadows, mascaras, blushes – if it’s beauty related I’ve got it. My biggest beauty obsession, the perfect lip and for the holidays I think there is nothing better than a gorgeous red lip. I should also preface this by saying whenever I think of a red lip, I think of this 1950’s Vogue cover. The lip and the cat eye are gorgeous and a go to of mine.

Vogue Cover, via Pinterest

I think that nothing takes your outfit up a notch than an bold rep hue and it can definitely dress up even a white tee and jeans. Seriously.

I love a red lip so much I even highlighted different red lips for your skin tone in my HolidayGuide this year. My all time favorite high low for red lips are:

High: MACCosmeticsRubyWoo, it’s a super matte rich true red that has been universally flattering on everyone I put it on. And when you swipe this shade of red on your lips it transforms you into a new woman. {Here’s a previous post I did about how it woo’d me}

Low: NYXCosmeticsMatteLipstickinPerfectRed. It’s not as drying as a lot of matte lipsticks are and has a creamier texture. It has awesome lasting power and it’s only $6 – you can’t beat it.

From Morgan Greenhouse, CEO of verdeHOUSE, on planning creatively: When planning your holiday party, think about fun ways to split costs. For an office holiday party, why not have a joint party with another business in your building or industry partner? Ask to share space, split catering costs and combine staff. Who knows…you might even meet someone new under the mistletoe!

verdeHOUSE party at City Center DC

Also considering using that vacant floor in your office building or vacant retail shell on the street. Make it very industrial chic this year! Using a vacant office floor or retail space is often much more economic and certainly much more novel.

From Meredith Fineman, of, on bringing someone new to the Holidays: Talk with your significant other if this is their first time meeting the parents. Make sure he or she is debriefed on crazy Aunt Mabel, but also be confident that every family has their own special blend of kook. Also bring booze.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Kelly Ripa via Awesome People Hanging Out


How do you survive the holidays?  What is your favorite advice to give?

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