Weekend Wardrobe: New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve, for all of it’s pomp and circumstance, high expectation and higher disappointments is another (in a long line) of fabulous excuses to wear sequins and sparkle with the best of them.

The rule for New Year’s Eve and Day is simple: go out and come with the same level of fabulousness.  Sparkle and shine, and dance the night away and then dance in your dreams and wake up in something light and lovely.

Weekend Wear: New Year's Eve

Shop: Poster, Dress, Pump, Clutch, Nightie, Mask

Why not start the year off a dash of panache, some style from silk and sequins?  Even with a hangover it will have you feeling lovely.

P.S. It’s a long weekend you can always transition to sweat pants later…

What are you wearing to countdown to 2012?

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