Trendspotting: Must Have Pieces at NYFW Fall 2012

Hello friends, I am back and ready to continue trend tracking the fall runways from NYFW.  So far we’ve covered color (I’m sure by now you’re loving the orange, teal and berry) and now we move on to the must have pieces that showed up again and again (or at least 3 times) on the runways.

Bear Arms:This isn’t a subtle look, in fact it’s rather fierce and aggressive.  Several designers showed outerwear looks that at their base were streamlined and sophisticated but a look to the right or the left revealed sleeves in furs and pelts.

Bear Arms: NYFW Fall 2012

Over the Top Toppers:Another outerwear look, which might be easier to pull off, is the idea of resplendent and sometimes over the top coats.  In velvets and satin, featuring ornate beading, textures or embroidery these coats aren’t ideal for the next blizzard but they make a beautiful statement.

Over the Top Toppers: NYFW Fall 2012

On Top:Several designers showed models in hats.  Some were a part of the sartorial statement (Jason Wu), others were a outlandish statement all their own.  The use of hats on the runway is a nice way to see fashion imitating life, see Kate Middleton.

On Top: NYFW Fall 2012

Urban Prairie Girl:There is the city girl, you know her in leather and black.  And now there is the urban prairie girl; she’s wearing layers, leather, sheepskin, hats, scarves, neutral tones.  Frankly, she looks like an extra from The Road.

Urban Prairie Girl: NYFW Fall 2012

Military Precision:As a throwback to the 40’s there were quite a few looks that were expertly tailored and reminiscent of the 1940’s military aesthetic.  In slim silhouettes, natty tweeds, and even the bomber jacket were on the runway.

Military Precision: NYFW Fall 2012

She’s a Groovy Kind of Girl:I loved this look, and it was great to see the 1970’s style on the fall runways after it had been stocking spring shelves for years.  Kicky mini dresses and dramatic maxi dresses were the base for corduroys, suede, floral prints, and knit textures.

Groovy Kind of Girl: NYFW Fall 2012

What pieces are you excited for for Fall?  Are there styles that you’re falling for already?

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