Glam at Home on Your Own

By all definitions, our house is great – really.  I know it is.  However, when I’m click, click, clicking through the Internet I can’t help but feel a little lust for some pretty fabulous spaces.  That’s okay, right?

Lately I am having a bit of a modern glam kick.  I am happily drawn to glossy finishes, bright colors, flashes of metallic touches.  And then I, and seemingly half the people I follow on Pinterest, found this groovy glam bath.

It is my newest favorite, and this is how to make it your own!

First, how glamorous is this bathroom?  I am like swoon in love with it.  The mosaic ikat tile is by New Ravenna.  What is fantastic about this set up is that there is a really great mix of clean and simple lines in the sink and faucet, glitz and glamour in the mirror and sconces, and playful practicality in the vase, sponge and glasswear.

What do you think?  Wouldn’t this bathroom make your morning routine so much happier?

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