Guilty Pleasures

Do you have them?  A guilty pleasure, or two…. or five?  They might be the thing that you do that you don’t talk about with colleagues, or banter about at a cocktail party, but most people have them.

A few years ago I was at a professional conference speaking with a woman who I greatly admire and who is very successful professionally and personally.   And somewhere in the conversation she revealed that the Real Housewives series is a guilty pleasure.  I was awe and dumb struck at the same time.  And so of course I then shared my own feelings for the show – her guilty pleasure was mutual.

These are some of my guilty pleasures, and some are not mine (hello, Twilight).  But, it is fun to think about all the things, big or small, that we enjoy wasting time with.

Do you really feel guilty about your “guilty pleasures” or do you just chalk it up to having fun?

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