Ballet Class this Weekend

Ha – did you think I was putting on a leotard and tights, tying a bun in my hair and going to the barre?  No.  I am going to J. Crew to buy ballet flats, probably with my hair in a top knot and maybe I’ll go to a bar.

After a very thorough spring cleaning it is time to stock up on some new spring essentials.  These are my favorite new flats from J. Crew and some, certainly not all, will make it home with me.

I was not always a flats fan, but a girl can not survive in heels forever.  Somewhere along the way I stumbled onto a J.Crew sale and bought a pair.  My feet and I agree, the ballet flats from J. Crew are en pointe!

Do you wear flats?  Who are your favorites?  Also which color is the winner here?

all images via J.Crew

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