New Old Kitchen

I am sorry I have been a little quiet these past few days, maybe even weeks, but we have been very busy in our house.  In fact, in the past month we cleaned, staged and sold our house.  Last week we packed it all up and moved.

Where to begin… Two years ago we moved from our condo to a rowhouse in central DC.  It was big and spacious but in the end we realized, for us, it was too big and too spacious.

Exhibit A.

My Old Kitchen

We have since moved back to our old condo, more on that later.  When you leave a kitchen this large you have to think thoughtfully about what you need, not just want in your new space.

Here are my space saving kitchen must-haves:

Shop: Bowls, Pot, Utensils, Cutting Boards, Knives

Where space is a premium you have to be smart.  Bowls and dishes should be multifunctional and stackable, gone are the canisters and jars of utensils, no longer are we cluttered by a big knife block when we only use two knives anyway.

We thought long and hard about and have right-sized our supplies to fit our needs and space.

Do you have a big kitchen or a small kitchen?

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