Sight Seeing in Colorado: The Double RL Ranch

Last week we were in Colorado, Telluride to be exact, for a friend’s wedding.  It was beautiful, more on that in a later post.  Today is all about what we saw on the road.

We flew into Grand Junction, which is about 2.5 hours from Telluride.  Mark had done this drive before and had said he’d seen the Ralph Lauren ranch on that trip, so as the fence posts started to straighten up and the grass started to appear a bit greener it was clear we were passing the Double RL Ranch, owned by Ralph and Ricky Lauren.

I recognized it right away from the many times I paused and hit play on Oprah’s visit.  I didn’t take any pictures but these are some great ones, better than any I could have taken from the road.

P.S.  How cool to have your own custom Americana teepees, that’s also how I spotted the ranch.

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