Trendspotting: Must Have Pieces at NYFW Spring 2013

After reviewing all of the spring 2013 shows from NYFW a few stand out themes and trends began to catch my eye.  Yesterday was all about color and print, today the must have pieces that made designers and editors swoon.

Cream of the Crop: And 1, and 2, and 3, and 4.  Repeat.  Do you hear that sound?  It is legions of ladies flocking to the gym to crunch and curl.  The crop top/bralette trend was big on the runway and it was fun to see how it was played with so diversely.  Most important detail for cropping your top?  Time and place, no matter how many runways show it, your navel is never business casual.


Dressed to the Nineties: It’s been two decades since Marc Jacobs became the grunge god of designers and for spring 2013, designers gave us a throwback.  Hyper-colored overalls, Blossom-esque details, muscle tees, and an edge that says “I’m mildly interested in partying like it’s 1999.”


Retro in White:  The opposite of season’s past leisure suit, the belted, better in white retro suits made a statement going down the runway.  In 60’s kicky minis, or 70’s vested and dramatic pairings, its a cool look, for a cool girl whose all about business.


A Whisper: Spring’s sweetest dresses, like the season, seem to come in like a lion.  This trend features delicate fabrics hanging perilously from delicate straps in a delicate neutral palette.  One strong breeze and this whisp of a dress is whisked away.

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