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New Old Apartment – Paint and Color

When we lived in our old new apartment the first time the walls were a standard white.  White on the ceiling, white on the walls, white on the baseboard. 

Around year 1 we got antsy and painted our vanity a shocking tomato red and the entry and dusty maize.

In year 3 we realized the error of our ways and painted the vanity creative a light morning blue and our kitchen a faint seagreen.

When we rented, our apartment was painted again.  This time the bedroom dark chocolate brown and pale avocado green.  The kitchen a roasted almond butter and the living room a saturated indigo. 

This was a LOT of color…

We repainted the entire apartment in neutral tones.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that’s what I favor in design.  We chose Behr Ultra Paints in Creamy Mushroom for the bedroom and living room, and Powdered Snow in the kitchen and bathroom.

I am loving this new palate.  It plays well with real color.  It is solid.  It is a touch romantic.

Which colors were your favorite?

Primary Colors

I get into a color rut.  I wear black and white and in the paint aisle I gravitate towards the hundreds of shades of beige.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t get awe-struck and perhaps a little green with envy with bold splashes of color.

At home it is certainly an affordable design choice to play with color on the walls as opposed to furniture.  And think about how much it could be to come home and be greeted by a big wall in fiery red, sunny yellow or classic blue.

Images from Pinterest