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Faux Real Evening Accessories: Looks for Less

Usually when a mega-star wears a very specific item it is done – never to be reworn again, not by her or by any other stars.  But, that was not the case with a very special, very stunning Gucci dress.

First, it went down the runway in February.

Gucci Fall 2011

Then it was worn by Jennifer Lopez in March.

Jennifer Lopez 2011 Met Gala

Then in September by Karlie Kloss on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

Karlie Kloss in Harper's Bazaar

Then Drew Barrymore wore it in the Neiman Marcus Fall ad campaign.

Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus

And then most recently Aymeline Valade wore it on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain.

Aymeline Valade for Harper's Bazaar

When I first saw the dress on La Lopez I la loved it.  I loved the drama of it, the playfulness of the floral shawl, the va va voom of the color.  I, of course, did not like the Gucci-ness of the price.  If you, like me, are feeling la love, why not try a very clever knock off on for size.

The “save” option is from Kate Spade’s sample sale – ends on Tuesday!  The Carnation Garden Scarf is full of volume with bright satin blooms and grosgrain ribbon.  This is a carnation that even Charlotte York McDougal Goldenblatt couldn’t frown on.

Kate Spade Scarf

In the “splurge” category is the plush little number from American favorite, Brooks Brothers.  The Fox Collar Scarf in pink has a sweeping satin ribbon and adds a real touch of glamour.

Brooks Brother's Scarf

In the “savings account” category we have the Leather Clematis Neckpiece from Natalie Brown.  This “scarf” is more art installation than warm and cozy, but isn’t that what fashion aspires to be, anyway?

Natalie Brown Scarf

Would you wrap yourself up in bright blooms this season?  And is it something you would be willing to splurge on?

Favorite Looks from Spring 2011 Fashion Week, for Less

In September I featured my favorite looks from the Spring 2011 Fashion Shows, and now that Spring 2011 is almost upon us, it is time to revisit those inspiring looks.

I have taken my stand out favorites from September and searched the Internet to find affordable and wearable version inspired by the real thing.
Marc Jacobs – Spring 2011 was like the most glamorous, 70’s inspired, color infused show. 

This look is completely wearable, and probably could be assembled with items you already own, but if not…

Carolina Herrera – Spring 2011 was a favorite of mine, and while I don’t have the need for an evening gown currently, one can’t help but be inspired by the painterly details of this beautiful dress.
Carolina Herrera – Spring 2011

This look is admittedly DIY but if done right it’s a major wow.  And again, I think the larger aesthetic point here is painterly details in a black and white color palette.

Oscar de la Renta – Spring 2011 was for the ladies who lunch set.  The important rules to follow here are texture: tweed and silks and colors within the same color family.
Oscar de la Renta – Spring 2011

With such a ladylike and refined shape and staples, you can really go bold with the color and have fun playing with spring’s best and boldest hues.

Ralph Lauren – Spring 2011, this show was Rancher Fabulous if there is such a thing.  It is certainly difficult to imagine wearing beaded cocktail dresses on the farm, but somehow Ralph Lauren, as the master of Americana pulls it off.
Ralph Lauren – Spring 2011
To attempt the same look, on a budget start here:

Monique Lhuillier – Spring 2011, know for red-carpet worthy evening gowns, it was fun to see Monique Lhuillier play with different shapes and pieces, and I really liked the belted, sophisticated look of the high waisted trousers and refined bustier top.
Monique Lhuillier – Spring 2011

To build this look on a budget, you can assemble pieces that are completely wearable in a variety of ways. 

 What trends are you most excited for?