To Match, or Not to Match, That is the Question

As first a bridesmaid and then a bride, I know that picking out bridesmaids dresses can be tough.  As a bridesmaid, you want something wearable and flattering, something not budget busting, and to please the bride.  As a bride, I wanted something my friends could afford, would like and that they would also feel beautiful in.  

I think at one point I was open to them all wearing different styles, and buying off the rack and was choosing between purple, brown, gray or black – also known as aubergine, espresso, ebony and pewter — ahh, weddings! 

Somehow the indecisive bride and her completely supportive friends came to one decision.
Five beautiful Bridesmaids, Image by Ashley Colhouer
They looked stunning, but, if I were to do it again, I might do it all differently, as in encourage the bridal party to wear a dress that reflects their style.
They could choose a variety of different styles within a color family;
Cheyenne Schultz Photography, via Ruffled Blog

Or, choose all different styles within the same aesthetic or theme, like Christina Hendricks’ bridesmaids did for her vintage, dare I say Mad Men wedding;

Christina Hendricks Wedding Party in InStyle Magazine, via 
Or they could all pick dresses that are equally glamorous or equally high fashion, like the most famous set of high fashion bridesmaids did in 2008.
The Wedding That Never Was, Sex and The City: The Movie
Creatively styling your bridesmaids will often allow your friends to buy “off the rack” from a dress store or designer that they know and like (and are more likely to wear again), and will likely save them from having to wear a dress that is sized larger than they are (as almost all bridal wear is sized differently) and to save on alterations.  Good times to shop middle of Fall – (October/November) for Holiday wear and immediately following the holiday season (January) for the best selection and sales respectively.

May all your friends be fabulous in no matter what they wear, I know mine were, and are!

2 responses to “To Match, or Not to Match, That is the Question

  1. >Can you please post a picture of the Audrey Hepburn look that you are sporting today?Love, Mom

  2. >I had never seen Hendricks' bridesmaids- kind of love it, so kitsch! BTW we are SPOILED with those dresses, they were gorgeous and flattering- I am forever thankful.

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