The Most Important Dress to Date

When I reviewed Spring 2011 Fashion Week I touched on how the fashion cycle is a full season ahead; in the world of bridal it is a full year ahead.  Brides are instructed to always have selected their wedding dress no less than six months prior to getting married.  I bought my dress on June 6, 2009 – my wedding date was January 23, 2010 and you wouldn’t believe the shock from the store attendants.

Anyway, as we are fully into Fall 2010 it is time to look towards Fall 2011.  This week was Bridal Market in New York, and through the power of the Internet it’s like we are all able to attend.

Here are my favorites, so far:

Seriously, I love this dress.  I love the structure, the cut outs, the keyhole at the bust.  I would love it even more Red Carpet in a metallic, or a black.  I’ll take it in my size; thanks Angel!
Angel Sanchez
I love this dress.  It reminds me a glamorous swimsuit with an even more glamorous sarong wrapped just so elegantly at the hip.  I like the metallic sheen and the delicate tied bow at the hip.
Priscilla of Boston
The following bridal gowns are for the following brides:

This reminds me of the punk rock princess.  The dress is all princess, and the styling has just enough edge to keep it fun.  I hope she is secretly wearing a pair of Converse under all of that.
Jewel by Priscilla of Boston
This is the dress I pick for the White (as in Snow White) Wedding.  I can’t ID for sure the fabric of the skirt but it reminds me of fresh, powdery snow.  The simplicity of the bodice is a perfect balance to the drama of the skirt.
Angel Sanchez

This is so classic bride.  I love simple shape.  P.S. what you don’t see is the intricate cut outs across the back.

Angel Sanchez
I love this shape for bride who wants to walk on the edge.  She wants to play with fashion, she wants an awesome pair of shoes, and want to show of her legs all night long.  It also doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of the skirt Carrie wears when she bumps into Aidan in Morocco, err, Dubai.

For the dreamy bride, this dress is a dream come true.  The layers are whimsical and ethereal.  She looks like she is floating in style.
Monique Lhuillier
For the bride with aspirations to float down the aisle like Marion Cotillard, a la her John Paul Gaultier 2008 gown.  Love the scales down the skirt.
No matter the style, it is great to see bridal taking a cue from high fashion.  On her wedding day a bride is any thing: a movie star, a model, a princess, and luckily she’ll have no trouble dressing the part.

What style do you favor most?

One response to “The Most Important Dress to Date

  1. >my fav is the Priscilla of Boston- so unique! That being said the monique 'floating' one comes in close second

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