Madonna, The Mother of Reinvention, an Ico

Madonna has never been my icon, but there is absolutely no denying that the Mother of Pop Music is also the Mother of Reinvention.  In the span of her career no other artist has transformed their look so seamlessly, and stayed so true to their personal style.  Who would A Virgin could become a Geisha and then a Disco Cowgirl.  That is Madonna.

There is a ton of inspiration to be found in Madonna, and not just for Halloween.  Certain signature staples like a structured corset black dress, sequins, and fishnet stockings have always been Madonna. 
In the 80’s Madonna rocks leggings, layered jewelry, virginal white and then bold neons, oversized hair accessories and lace.  Watch out for the lace, it becomes a signature.

In the Mid 90’s Madonna identifies with another platinum icon, Marilyn and then she finds Tom Ford.  It is almost safe to assume that in the 1990’s Madonna saves Gucci from financial peril.  Nearly fully covered in a shirt and pants, she still oozes Madonna.  She also begins to infuse a vintage aesthetic to her wardrobe as she films and later promotes Evita.
Madonna in Gucci in 1995

Madonna discovers Kabballah and Yoga.  Brittney and Christina want to also be like a Virgin and thus Madonna goes back in time and back to the gym to look the youngest and be the most fit.  Her wardrobe in the early 2000s is inspired by disco glamour (color, sequin), and fitness (track suits, leggings, leotards).

Madonna in 2005
Today, at 52 years old, she is Mother Madonna.  She is still a rock star, but she has added to her resume fashion designer with daughter Lola, humanitarian, and she continues to be a filmmaker.  Her wardrobe today is a sophisticated representation of the past three decades.  She still favors body conscious fits, sexy details, ultra feminine pieces but it has a more practical presentation to keep up with her travels and life.

Madonna and Lourdes
“The history of women in popular music can, pretty much, be divided into before and after Madonna.”  – Susan Sarandon

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