Couples in Costume

Halloween is just four days away!  Oh you didn’t get a costume yet?  Maybe you forgot that Halloween is always on October 31, maybe you got busy, maybe you just couldn’t decide what you wanted to be this year.

It is too late to order something online, and all that is left in the stores is a witch’s hat and a sexy nurse’s outfit – boring!  If you and your love are dressing up this year for Halloween here are five easy to execute on a budget ideas.  The couple that dresses together stays together!
All of these costume ideas are built off of items that you probably already own, and every piece is less than $30.00, and able to be worn again – score!

Since it is “Wedding Wednesday” we had to start with a Vegas Bride and Groom.  This costume just screams wedded bliss on the fly, and this time what happens in Vegas comes home with you.
 What couple is more recognizable than Brad and Angelina?  You and your beau can pull from your own wardrobe, lots of gray and black, but these accessories put it own the top.  If you’re baby-free don’t forget the Brangelina babydoll.
Maybe you and your beau are complete opposites, but together you’re the perfect match.  Just like Danny and Sandy.  Layer on the black, add some Grease, and get dancing!

Are you ready to go back in time?  All the way back to Bedrock?  This costume is a bit more DIY; take the togas you made in college and grab your Sharpie marker to make up the perfect Fred and Wilma.

Or, go for glamour as the ultimate glamour girl with her ultimate boy toy: Barbie and Ken.  Load on the color and the 80’s makeup to become the Queen and King of Pink.

Happy Halloween!

5 responses to “Couples in Costume

  1. >I wonder if this post is leading up to a series of Carly and Mark Halloween costumes….I think my favorite is the Chinese gymnast and Michael Phelps!

  2. >great post. so cute

  3. >Thanks for the costume love! All treats, no tricks!

  4. >I have to laugh because my husband and I both own that tuxedo T-shirt since we bought them when we renewed our wedding vows in Vegas. HA! Perhaps we'll have a last minute costume 😉

  5. >Thanks Dana! I am sure you and the Mr. will look styling no matter what you wear for Halloween!

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