Crafty for Christmas

This weekend I am going to endeavor into the world of Christmas crafts.  I have never had a Christmas tree, or hung stockings on a mantle, but as I told a colleague this week, when you have a real house and like decorating, it is hard to not get into the Christmas spirit.

I have spent weeks searching the Internet and have found many sources for pure decorating delight.  I find myself trending towards a vintage aesthetic, and really loving the soft, muted shades of silvers and golds that give the decor a little extra glamour.
Back in September I spotted this ornament in my regular Pottery Barn catalog.  Let me be real here, few companies, in my opinion, do holidays or “just perfect” seasonal decor better than Pottery Barn… Okay, so with that out of the way, I spotted this ornament in my regular Pottery Barn catalog in September, and then I was in love. 

Pottery Barn Ornament
It was a part of the Family Giving tree collection, and I was just captivated.  I love the sparkle, clearly, but more than that, I love the message of giving hope, peace and love, plus it reminded me of one of my all-time favorite books, The Giving Tree.

Pottery Barn Family Giving Collection Tree
 This is Pottery Barn’s perfectly designed tree.  That is fake snow, but knowing the magic of Pottery Barn’s catalog styling I am sure if they wanted to use real snow when they shot this catalog in May they could have done it — quick call to Santa, of course.

I am also loving this mantle collection.  While Pottery Barn sells everything you see here, this would be really easy to achieve a) for a lot less, or b) with items you already own.  The aesthetic is simple: glass, candles and shiny… 
Pottery Barn Vintage Silver Mantle Collection
If you want more directional, categorized and yes, last minute decor shopping, check out ZGallerie – they have it perfectly broken down by color groups so you can design with guidance.  For a more modern twist of the shiny, happy holiday decor, Crate and Barrel is filled with pieces that are as perfect in December as they are in June.

I’ll be sure to share with you my successes with holiday decorating after the weekend!

How would you decorate for the holidays?

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