Christmas at the Movies

Growing up it was not uncommon to be at the movie theater on or around Christmas.  It is also not uncommon to find between my birthday (on Thanksgiving) and Christmas a LOT of Christmas themed movies.  Some of my favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Family Stone, Love, Actually, and A Mom for Christmas.  Adding to the seasonal line up, every TV Show does a Christmas special… last week’s Brothers & Sisters was especially over the top.

A few weeks ago I got into the Christmas spirit on Tuesday night with Glee.  I know this is not newsworthy, or even that relevant anymore, but the episode was just… PERFECT.  

Modeled after the Grinch Who Stole Christmas this episode just filled me with GLEE.  Also, anyone think that Artie is perhaps McKinley High School’s Tiny Tim?

Watch, enjoy, maybe cry a few tears! 

Merry (Early) Christmas!

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