The Princess Shops Off the Rack

There is probably no more famous engaged couple than Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The soon to be marrieds will have a royal wedding on April 29, 2011.  She’s beautiful, he’s a prince it’s a perfect match… 

I am sure as there wedding date nears we’ll talk more about weddings and Cinderella, and the pomp and circumstance, but there is one thing to note about Kate, she really doesn’t seem to be a Cinderella.  Kate seems to have a really well put together, modern, sophisticated and yet approachable style.  

How approachable could the future Princess be?  Her engagement photo dress was from last season and from Reiss.  Last season… and from a store with online shopping?  That’s definitely more exciting than a “Kate and Will Forever” T-shirt.
Copyright 2010 Mario Testino / Reuters
Reiss will be re-releasing the dress that Kate wore, but in the meantime, let us see what else we like!
First, no one does coats better than the Brits.  Seriously, no one!  I love the sophistication, and the demure aesthetic of this Bally Coat.  It’s one part lady + one part sophisticated spy.
Bally Coat by Rei

This coat might be a little too Cruella DeVil for some, but I love it.  I love the fur detail, (hangs head in shame) and the slim and structured fit.  Minus the fur, it is quite similar to a coat Mark got for me at Zara last year, which is still fabulous.
Zetta Coat by Reiss
Maybe a dress for the honeymoon?  This dress is sort of the outlier from my favorites, but worth including because it is perfect for resort wear and travel, or everyday is you live in warmer climates.  It is also the Pantone color of the year, honeysuckle…  Delightful!
Aphrodite Draped Dress

Happy Shopping Kate!

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