Looks like Christmas

It now officially looks like Christmas in my house.  There is a small tree and mini lights somewhat haphazardly wrapped around and their are small glass ornaments, and sparkly snowflakes and finally a “Giving Peace” and “Giving Hope” from the Pottery Barn collection.  The mantel even has cute, little stockings, sewed with care.
I went to Michael’s and picked up some felt, gray, olive and plum.  I used a sewing kit I had on hand, scissors and a pencil.  This is low profile crafting, inspired by Martha.

I freehanded the outline of a stocking and after cutting one out used that as a template for all of the rest.  Then I cut out a strip about 3 inches wide and a little bit longer than the length of the stockings when they are back to back.

With a simple need and thread, I stitched the white felt strip, with a little lip to secure the stitch to the back to back stockings.
Then with the white strip attached, I folded the two separate pieces of stocking towards each other and continued to stitch all the way up to the top of the white to secure the seam.  
Then I turned the whole stocking inside out and turned down the white strip to create a cuff, this helps to hide all of those little uneven, no-machine, not-perfect stitches.  

This was an easy Christmas craft, and kind of perfect to keep your hands busy while watching an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Happy Holidays!

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