How I sparkled on New Years Eve

On New Years Eve day, at around 10 am we decided we would be having dinner at home.  At 1pm we decided that our friends who also either didn’t make or love their plans would also have dinner at our house.  At 3pm we grocery shopped.  At 8pm everyone arrived.

How did we do it?

Well the cooking and cleaning was a team effort, but the getting dressed was all me!

It was cold, but not freezing so I wanted to be comfortable without neglecting the holiday spirit and all traces of sparkle.

I paired a new cashmere crew neck sweater (Bloomingdale’s after Christmas sale) with a J. Crew sequin pencil skirt that I picked up last fall, and suede boots that have been around for a long time.  Outfit #3 is a very close approximation of what I wore.

I loved this outfit.  Seriously, I mentally gave myself style kudos all night long.  Going monochromatic was easy and it looked beyond polished.  While the gray/silver tones might not have been exact, it all worked because of the sparkle in the skirt and that natural fibers in the sweater the look felt warm and luxe.  I love the idea with playing with this look in other colors, I just tend towards gray.

Where else would I wear it: Office holiday party, luncheon – with the right crowd, dinner out, anytime you want to really shine with sophistication!

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  1. >You should post a picture!

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