Good for a Laugh

Two weeks ago my sister sent me this link: – and if you have parents who do text, and have texted you even once, at first you might wonder, “how did someone with Tumblr account scan my phone?”  Then you’re likely to break out into laughter that is so hard that you’ll need to close the window and revisit this gem from home.

My parents text, but for better or worse they aren’t this funny.  

If you’re looking for some Friday laughs, please, enjoy!

A1 for Waffles

Mom: Do you want waffles or muffins for breakfast? Just text “A1” for waffles or “B1” for muffins.
Me: Why did you go through all that trouble? Why can’t I just text “waffles” or “muffins”?
Mom: We are texting in code! ;););) 🙂
Me: Waffles
Mom: A1 or B1?
Mom: Sooo…A1?
Me: Mom. Yes.
Mom: I think I would rather have muffins. I’m making muffins

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