What to Wear to Weddings

One night while we were in Mexico we walked on the beach past three weddings in various stages of preparation (set up – rehearsal – ceremony) and the following night a wedding was held at our hotel, and the hotel next door.

It is wedding season, and you are likely invited to one, somewhere.

After slipping that RSVP card into the mail, you might want to think about what to wear.

Is the wedding at a far off tropical destination, where the mood is tiki torch, hurricane candles and a mojito?  (Invite me too, please!) Go full of color, light fabrics and manageable footwear!

Daytime Summer Wedding

L – R: Dress at Net-A-Porter, Necklace at Max & Chloe, Clutch at ALDO, Sandals at Pret-A-Beaute; Sundress at Harvey Nichols, Bracelet by Antik Batik, Clutch at Fashion-Conscience, Sandal at Nordstrom; Dress at Oasis, Earrings at Amazon, Wallet at Nordstrom, Sandal at Macy’s; Sundress at Mary & Paul, Bangles at Simply Soles, Purse at TopShop, Pump at ZapposCouture

Is your next wedding high atop the city on a swanky rooftop, dancing is the main event and the drink is a signature?  Come prepared to party in bold colors and some skin!

Summer Wedding - Cocktail Attire

L – R: Dress at Austique, Hoops at Kyler Designs, Clutch at Zara, Pumps at ZapposCouture; Dress at My Wardrobe, Cuff at Max & Chloe, Clutch at Shopbop, Pumps at ZapposCouture; Dress at My Wardrobe, Earrings at Barneys, Clutch at Endless, Pump at Forzieri; Dress at Bergdorf Goodman, Bangles at Net-A-Porter, Clutch at Forzieri, Sandals at My Wardobe

Is your next wedding bling or bust, with a splash of champagne and crystals dripping from the chandelier and centerpieces?  Sounds mah-velous dahling! Go long or short, but don’t skimp on the sparkle – it is time to make a statement.

Summer Wedding - Black Tie

L – R: Dress at Jane Norman, Bangle at ZapposCouture, Clutch at Lori’s Shoes, Pump at Saks Fifth Avenue; Gown at My Theresa, Earrings at Yes Style, Clutch at The Addison Collection, Pump at Christian LouboutinGown at the Out Net, Earrings at Yes Style, Clutch at Nordstrom, Sandal at Net-A-Porter; Gown at My Wardrobe, Bangles at Nordstrom, Clutch at Nordstrom, Sandals at ZapposCouture

Okay, let’s be reasonable, the dress you wear isn’t the most important dress of the day, and in fairness it really shouldn’t be.  However, I do think that as a guest it is your responsibility to rise to the occasion, without outshining anyone, and be festive and fabulous for your loved one’s special day.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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