Where to Eat in Cabo

When we arrived in Cabo we had one goal: eat as much fresh fish and produce as possible.  And, we did.  We scooped up fresh salsa by the chipful, we slathered chunky and smooth guacamole on everything (even eggs at one point) and dined with the fishes.

Before we went to Cabo I did my research, I searched all the travel sites, food sites and blogs, and then I was given the gift of Rick Bayless’ guide to the Baja Peninsula in Food and Wine.  Thank you!  Bayless is the expert, in my mind, for all things Mexican and so his suggestions rose to the top of our list.

First Stop: The Office This is the sister restaurant to one of Bayless’ suggestions, Edith.

What to Expect: Expect a crowd, make a reservation.  This spot is well liked loved by las turistas, and I imagine that is not going to change any time soon.  It is a casual spot, as in wear jeans and you’re over dressed.  The music is playing, your feet are dug into the sand and there is vibrant and bustling energy.

What to Order: We started with some BIG margaritas, and chips and salsa (this is the recurring theme of the trip), then shared a ceviche that was fresh, bright and delicious.  Then we settled in for a second Honeymoon, a special that night, featuring two lobster tails, four prawns, a filet of sea bass, rice beans, and tortillas that were made just a few feet away.  Each bite of the fish was juicy and perfectly cooked.  My favorite was the seabass.

What to Skip: The dessert.  I am really never one to skip dessert, even when I am wearing a bikini the next day, however, this just missed the mark.  Every other dish was so spot on with local flavor and this was a big slab of a banana chocolate cake that we could have found at any Cheesecake Factory around the country.

Why You’ll Love it:

Next Stop, Don Emiliano.

What to Expect: A quieter experience, artfully plated dishes, and unexpected flavors that sing.  This was a great spot to end our trip; al fresco dining – all the tables are outside – and the ambiance of eating in someone’s lovely backyard with our sky dotted with Moroccan lanterns.

What to Order: Do not skip the salad.  We shared a jicama, tomatillo, cactus salad that was incredible.  Bright green and full of flavor this was a salad I only wish we could replicate at home.  For dinner Mark again won the ordering contest with his entree.  Try the short ribs, they are fork tender, and glazed in an aromatic, smoky, rich sauce, and served with orange zested mashed potatoes.

Why You’ll love it: The food is all locally sourced, and while it doesn’t fight the American palate it really stays true to the local flavor, and that includes heat and spice, even in the dessert.  The chocolate tart with salted caramel ice cream had sweet, salty, spicy and savory notes in every bite.

Have you booked your flight yet?  Make your reservations!

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  1. Love the photo of the two of you!

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