By the Beach

For some the dream is to wake up and overlook the Park (Central), for others it’s mountains, for us it is this:

Where this ocean is located is still to be determined…

In the category of dream house locations, there are a variety of styles.  Is it modern Malibu abode, a palatial Palm Beach, a cottage in the Cape, or sophisticated in South Beach?

These cities each have their own unique styles, and the home styles are no different.

Miami Beach, Architect Alexander Gorling, via Architectural Digest

Martha's Vineyard, Architect Twinette Tharp, via Architectural Digest

Malibu, Architect David Lawrence Gray, via Architectural Digest

Palm Beach, Architect Jeffery W. Smith, via Architectural Digest

Here’s a favorite that is currently for sale, found on Redfin:

Breakfast with a View, Malibu

I love admiring real estate.  Looking at beautiful homes in beautiful settings may feel indulgent to some, but for me it feels inspiring.

In one moment I love the strength of clean modern lines, and in the next the quaintness of shuttered windows and wainscoting.  I like neutral tones from gold to beige, and am overjoyed with splashes of pink, green and turquoise, beaten up hardwood and porous oversize slabs of marble all seem perfect.

Where is your dream home?

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