The Prints and Colors of Africa

I believe that three times makes a trend; and so when I post on trends or new fashion ideas it is always after I have seen it in a number of places and ways. That is what happened with this trend:

First, when I was walking back to my office I saw a slim woman in her 40’s wearing a silk skirt with African print trim throughout. It really caught my eye as it seemed an unusual but very beautiful choice.

Then, the next day coming out of the same building (is there a secret trend factory on K Street?) a woman in her 20’s was working a sleek sheath in an African print. In my head, this second spotting is probably how gambler feels when the first two 7’s come up on a slot machine.

And then finally, at the end of the week from across the street a bold flash of fuchsia caught my eye as a woman sashayed in a gorgeous patterned shift dress.

7 – 7 – 7: three times makes a fashion win and a trend. In doing some fashion research (shopping) I was especially delighted to see that the options were as diverse as the women I saw wearing this trend.

The Colors of Africa
Top to Bottom, L – R: Patchwork Tunic, Spot Top, Missoni Mare, Fair Trade Ruched Skirt, Nicole Miller Indego Africa Shorts, Summer Dress, Tribal Tube Dress, Handpainted Dress, Braided Bracelet, Africa Clutch, Kisslock Clutch, Printed Ballet Shoes

Would you wear this trend?  It seems like a fun and easy way to add color and vibrancy to your late summer wardrobe.

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