Everything in Black and White

The other day I was searching for a striped dress.  High and low I spotted candy colored stripes, perfect clean black stripes, pin thin stripes, and then I spotted this:

Max Azria Deconstructed Stripe Dress at Bloomingdale's

This is not your normal striped dress; in fact it says so in the name.  I found it so lovely, inspired and really rather eye-catching.  It takes a traditional shape, the blouson wrap dress, and traditional concept, the stripe, and really turns it on its head.

Which got me thinking, when we see things in black and white it is often in two ways: clean, stark, well organized and pinned back, or messy, organic, dramatic and sometimes traumatic.

Black and White, Undone

Top – Bottom, L-R: Angel Sanchez Resort 2012, 25.Media.Tumblr, Mila Kunis via Pinterest, Pinterest, Chambers Fine Art, Max Azria via Bloomingdale’s


Black and White, Classic

Audrey Hepburn via Pinky’sPen, Kate Spade via Neiman Marcus, Optical Chart, Black and White Cookies via CopyKat Recipes, Black and White Room via Decor8, Jean Patchett via FeeFeern.blogspot.com, Pablo Picasso via popyacollar.co.za, Black and White by Michael Jackson


Do you see things in Black and White, or in many shades of gray?  And when you do is it straight and standard or a bit more wild?

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