Bright and Tan

Bright and tan; that’s a nice summation of summer, right?  The guys at Dsquared² have carried that vibe well past fall and into their collection for Resort 2012.  Resort is a “mini-season” wedged between the fall and spring collection, originally designed for people who “visit resorts”.

In any case, I am loving this collection.  It is beyond perfect, to me.  It is bright, sunny, conservative enough, playful enough, and completely accessible.

Frankly, I would jump into any of these looks, right now.

Dsquared² Resort 2012

Two things: 1) These pants are the perfect length.  I am a tall girl, and I take issue with pants that are too long or too short.  But, these, they are perfect.  The mid-rise elongates the leg and the belted waist accentuates curves. 2) The color!  Typically you think, hot pink is too hot.  Not so when neutralized by the more conservative khaki, camel and honey, and all American denim blues.

Dsquared² Resort 2012

One word: Silhouette.  1) I love the juxtaposition of a sleeve on a shift; it calls back to a more conservative era, but in this application looks completely modern and fresh.  Kudos for the flight-attendant chic scarf.  2) In a collection this colorful it really says something that even the black pieces aren’t basic.  I love the draping, the shoulder (bow-tiful), the puddle at her feet.

Dsquared² Resort 2012


Even though it is intended for the middle of winter, it feels perfect to transition from late summer into August.  Like back to school shopping, this collection has me excited for crisper and cooler weather.

If you want this look now, and for less:

Bright and Tan

Source: Trench Coat, Blouse, Denim, Clutch, Belt, Shirt, Skirt, Belt, Satchel, Glasses, Scarf, Bracelet, Sandals

What do you think?  Does this look and style have you excited for the change of seasons?

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