Early Autumn Warmth

After the start of August it is hard to ignore that fall is now closer to us than further away.  I welcome the change of seasons.  Just when you’ve had enough of the heat the earth grants you a change in scenery, and I am personally okay with that.

The autumn aesthetic is richer, spicier, more refined and seductive.

I thought about introducing the warmth and spirit of fall in a more exotic way, without acorns, and pinecones and pumpkins.  So, I looked East and found inspiration in the colors and patterns that are most common in India.

I designed for the living room, because while I think Summer is spent outside, it can be agreed that Fall is spent nestled by the fire and in the good company of family and friends.

The only major splurge in this collection is the sofa, but as you can see the impact really comes in the shape of accessories, details and color.  What I think I like most about this “Indian Summer” board is that it is full of texture, and it goes outside the norm for traditional color usage.

How much fun would it be to nestle in on a crisp fall day and be surrounded by these rich jewel tones?


Sources: Rug – World Market, Frame – Michael Aram at Bloomingdale’s, Basket – Crate and Barrel, Art – Horchow, Small Bowl – Michael Wainwright at Bloomingdale’s, Wood Bowl – Diane Von Furstenberg at Bloomingdale’s, Throw – West Elm, Candle Holders – Crate and Barrel, Sofa – Jayson Home & Garden, Pillows – West Elm

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