You Say Tomato, I say throw a Party

It’s hot, the farmer’s markets have tomatoes of every variety and it is time to throw one more good party before the end of summer.  I love the idea of a themed party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding, and the end of summer tomato bounty is as good as any that I can think of.

In pulling together this inspiration board the focus was entirely on the food and using the bounty that is provided in this season.  The secret with Italian cooking and cuisine is that it is at it’s best when it is it’s most simple.  Fresh produce, simple preparations and presentation.

For a dinner party, or wedding with a more limited budget choosing a theme to dictate the menu and decor can help prevent scope creep.

Tomato Party

I love that this is completely DIY friendly, and easily able to be all homemade or catered with a low cost.  In this inspiration board the difference makers are the small details: the mini Pellegrino bottles at each seat, the innovative presentation of small bites, the local fair, and the truly edible arrangements of tomatoes and grissini.

If you are in need of some tomato focused recipes, why not try homemade ketchup, tomato soup, roasted vegetable sauce, homemade salsa, or a pizza party?

Doesn’t this just make you want to throw a party and buon appetito?

Source: Bread & Oil, Polenta Hors D’oeuvres, Table Setting, Tomatoes, Carnations, Wine, Pellegrino, Strawberry Pie, Torrone

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