Key (Lime) to My Heart, Miami Wedding Inspiration

You can take the girl out of South Florida, but you really can not take the South Florida out of the girl.  The colors, flavors, the sounds, the history were all influences for this city chic wedding inspiration board.

Miami Wedding Inspiration

Source: Dress, Venue, Garland, Grapefruit, Lemon, Citrus, Cake, Tequila, Mojito

For the ceremony I was inspired by clean lines and wanted to capture the quintessential lounge vibe of South Beach.  For the bridal gown, the emphasis was on old Miami glamor and the Art Deco era aesthetic.  Otherwise, the Miami inspired wedding is all about color, and doing away with the rules.  Bright colors and mismatched maids, mini foods, bold bites, bright flowers and citrus punch.

This inspiration board is as playful as it is sophisticated.  I think it translates to wedding look that is on trend, without being trendy.

Does this make you ready for a beachy vacation?  Table for two, Nobu.

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