Spring 2012 Must Have Pieces – Runway to Real Way

Last fall, after scouring the runways, I identified the must have pieces for spring 2012.  Several months later it is time to shop… And we will shop, but with purpose and with key trends in mind and clever ways to take them from the runway to real life.

Gym Class Hero Runway: If this is the trend for you keep it streamlined and focus on details: an unexpected hoodie, zipper details, jersey and nylon fabrics, and racerback tops.

Gym Class Hero Real Way:Shop: Jacket, Dress, Vest, Sandals, Bag, Wedge, Skirt, Shorts, Tank, Bracelets, Buds, Bag

Trail Blazer Runway:It is completely over sized, has masculine structuring and detailing, and reminds me of the look when a dad offers his suit jacket to his daughter to keep her warm.

Trail Blazer Real Way:Shop: Dress, Blue, Black, White, Espadrille, Tunic, Short, Sunglasses, Belt, Hat

Jumpsuit Fever Runway: Highly reminiscent of the 1970′s, but with a twist from an earlier era of the 1920′s,  the standard jumpsuit looks more polished in flowing silks, deep deco necklines, slim waists and wide legs.

Jumpsuit Fever Real Way:Shop: Black, Floral, Cobalt, Headband, Belt, Earrings

1920’s Nightgown Runway: This look features perfect knife pleating, sheer panels, soft whispers of color, flowing chiffon, delicate beading.  The look is delicate, refined and secretly an alluring throw back to the 1920′s bedroom dressing.

1920’s Nightgown Real Way:Shop: Blouse, Dress, T-Strap, Dress, Cardigan, Short, Slip, Earring

Modern Marilyn Runway: The halter, the open back, bare arms, plunging neckline are made modern by new silhouettes and fresh detailing at the waist.

Modern Marilyn Runway Real Way: Shop: Blouse, Dress, Dress, Jacket, Denim, Espadrille, Earrings, Skirt, Clutch
Lady Who Lunches Runway: The Spring 2012 look has taken the ladylike suit, all prim and proper and made it pop.  In these styles it doesn’t feel costume  and it is not primed for next season’s Mad Men, it feels fresh.  The slim silhouettes, the modern details, the bold colors, all fabulous.  And for the lady who lunches, this look is all business.Lady Who Lunches Real Way:Shop: Jacket, Glove, Blouse, Dress, Short, Earring, Captoe, Skirt
Simply Bold Runway: It’s not going to be easy to wear, and rarely will you have an occasion for a large shimmering tent of a ballgown skirt, but it should make you consider the concept of a simple top paired with a dramatic bottom for spring, or all year long.Simply Bold Real Way:Shop: Tie Tee, Heathered Tee, Sweater, Print Skirt, Geometric Skirt, Glitter Skirt

Which piece trends are you most excited to translate from the runway to real way?  Tell me in the comments!

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