Vacation Days

What is your vacation style?  Do you like to relax on a lounge chair, book in one hand, cocktail in the other or are you a go-getter, exploring new locales with sunblock applied and sneakers tied tight?

I try to do a little of both.  We just went to Huntington Beach with friends and we did the most awesome hike at Crystal Cove State Park.  The day started out a bit overcast and cool but by the time we reached the top of the ridge the sun was out and I have a burnt nose to prove it!

Trail Map

The great thing about this hike is that if you’re more of a cocktail and lounge kind of a gal at the end of the hike you can justly reward yourself with a sweet sip, a salty bite and this view at the Beachcomber at Crystal Cove.

Crystal Cove State Park

Vacation should be the best of both worlds, don’t you think?

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