The Dog days of Summer

Mark and I grew up with dogs.  To spend time in the company of a good dog lets you look past the hair, or the slobber, or the early morning walks in the rain (or snow!).

We live in an apartment now and are usually running all around, so for now we don’t have a dog.  However, one of our neighbors does have a dog.  The puppy is adorable.  Right now he is barking, but he is still very cute – good puppy eyebrows, which is everything on a dog’s face.  Anyway, just hearing the yipping and yapping of this little pup makes me want one even more.

Do you have a dog?  Other pets?  Want one?


Photo by Little Friends Photo

One response to “The Dog days of Summer

  1. There is nothing like the love a dog will give you and be your friend for life 🙂
    The kisses and non verbal talks are the best!

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