Getting Dressed for the Olympics

Yesterday the uniforms that the American athletes will wear for the upcoming Summer Olympics were debuted.  They are designed by Ralph Lauren and are classically American in a country and yacht club sort of way.  I, along with other Olympic (and fashion) fans are disappointed.

US Olympic uniforms, courtesy of Ralph Lauren

The latest collection from Ralph Lauren does trend a bit 19th-century fabulous and refined, but critics are calling the uniforms too European, too preppy, too posh…

Ralph gets America.  America get’s fashion.  Would it not have been out of this world amazing if our athletes looked like this in a few weeks?


Either way, no matter what they wear to the Opening Ceremonies, I hope they get to wear a lot of gold to the Closing Ceremonies.  This wouldn’t be too bad either.

All images from NY Mag.

One response to “Getting Dressed for the Olympics

  1. It is very unfortunate that the Ralph Lauren designed US Olympic uniforms were made in China.

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