Pull Up a Chair

This weekend we went to a friend’s house for a birthday party and in their backyard they had a plastic chair in the shape of a giant hand.  It was funky, far out, not at all typical for DC and the thumb made a perfect arm rest.

It was also a great conversation starter.  It made me think about picking up a bold, “look at me” kind of chair.

What do you think about these wild ones?

First reaction: swoon, love, adore!

Kartell Mademoiselle Chair

First reaction: geometric, cool and modern.

Williamina Aluminum Chair

First Reaction: Playful, whimsy, fairy-tale awesome.

Merve Kahraman Hybrid Chair

First Reaction: Bold, tropical, sunny and bright.

The Acapulco Chair by Ocho

What do you think, would any of these chairs find a place in your house?

Shop: 1/2/3/4

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