Lust List: Slip-on Sneakers

Perennial cool girls, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen inked a sneaker (I know – sneakers?!) partnership between their brand, The Row and Superga.  And since then, the formidable fashion duo has been sporting (pun semi intended) sneakers about town.

Collection by TDB; MK+A by Garance Dore

Collection by TDB; MK+A by Garance Dore

Mary Kate, and fashionable street stylers, have taken the favorite sneaker of the skater boys I went to middle school with and made them cool again.  

I think they are perfect for a run around town.  With a skinny ankle jean, a slim, deep v tee; when your style that day is more baller than ballerina.  Of course, the trend is easy to pick up and the styles are available in just about every price point.  For my money, I’m going classic with a pair of updated and metallic leather Vans.  I know, I never thought I’d see the days when a pair of Vans would be on my lust list.

Shop here: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5

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